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pure vegetable cooking oil

product range

Suri Blended Cooking Oil is a double fractionated super palm olein, an edible vegetable oil made from palm fruit which can either be extracted from the fruit or seed (palm kernel oil). It is known to possess an excellent anti-oxidative and frying characteristic which ensures fried food and snacks remaining fresh and crisp to taste. It is a healthier choice for both consumer and industrial use as it contains cholesterol-free and rich is Vitamin E.


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3-10 litre jerry container suri.png
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product specification

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1l – 2l – 3l – 4l – 5l Pet Bottle
2l - 3l  – 5l – 8l – 10l Jerry Can
3l – 5l – 8l – Jerry Can
18 litre Tin
18l - 20l – 25l - Jerry Can
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