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Oliq Trade Sdn Bhd is a company incorporated in 2011 and commence operation in late 2011. Oliq Trade focus on exports of RBD Olein palm oil in major export markets such as Africa, Middle-Eastern and South-East Asia. Our palm oil products are enriched with vitamins and nutrients, and we offer our customers a one stop center for premium grade palm oil products. Oliq Trade thrives on the approach of providing the best quality product to the people. Oliq Trade’s other brand of products include pure farm vegetable ghee, shortenings, butter substitute, coating fat, ice-cream fat, margarine, soap noodle, condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk.

our mission

We aim to be the market leader in producing all types of oil palm premium quality products at competitive prices and ensure maximum satisfaction to our customers, employees, investors, suppliers.


“Discovering Malaysia Palm Oil for Global Quality”

our core value

  • Conduct our business activities with integrity and responsibility, in an ethical and sustainable manner.

  • Commitment to quality, innovative and creative products.

  • Contribute positively to the economy, society and environment.

our business

Oliq Trade Sdn Bhd (OTSB), markets a variety of fast-moving consumer products under its own brands as well as other international brand. OTSB specializes supplying both refined and crude vegetable oil from palm oil based bakery fats for use in the baking and frying industries, value added bulk refined oil, packaged palm product and specialty fats and oil. OSTB also provides bulk (full or cargo size) as well as flexitanks and we can arrange it as a private label or branded label.

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